Mongolia Escort-Ular

Mongolia Escort-Ular

A very orthodox style with outstanding elegance Ultimately Orthodox! Ular can not bear the looks that are very attractive enough to be sucked , the body is perfect and the place where the courtesy is right with a good impression , This sexy girl give unexpectedly surprising that one side of natural looks and hides , It can only be seen as one of her charms ☆ It ‘s visual enough to just grin and just have a good conversation and time is said to be It will be passed in between! Please join us for a rich moment . Please call 018-2796552 to book our Mongolia Escort-Ular

Mongolia Escort girl -PJ- ular

Name: You Jiang

Age: 23yo

Height: 160cm

Weight: 48kg

Body: 34C 24 35

Nationality: Mongolia

Place: PJ Area

Price 1: RM350 (1Shot OR 45minutes)

Price 2: RM700 (2shots)