Taiwan Escort-En En

Taiwan Escort-En En

En En walks in and jumps in. A red coat, tightly wrapped in a belt, looks so light, so strong, it’s just like a red cloud drifting over the sky. Beautiful face and sexy body! A bit cool but full of enthusiasm! Although her appearance is gentle and considerate, she is wild in her heart and she likes to serve men slowly and keep you alive! Please call 018-2796 552  to book our En En

En En蹦蹦跳跳地走进来,一件红尼大衣,紧束着腰带,显得那么轻盈,那么矫健,简直就像天边飘来一朵红云。脸蛋美艳加上性感身材!有点酷但内心充满热情!她虽然外表温柔体贴,可是内心狂野,喜欢慢慢服侍男人,把你含个不停!

Taiwan Escort-En En

Taiwan Escort | KL PJ Escort girl | Subang Escort | Sunway Escort | Shah Alam Escort

Name: En EN

Age: 23yo

Height: 158cm

Weight: 46kg

Body: 34C 24 34

Nationality: Taiwan

Price 1: RM300 (1Shot OR 45minutes)

Price 2: RM600 (2shots OR 2hours)

(Hotel room and condom are included for incall service)

 ***Booking: 018-2796 552 SAM (WhatsApp, SMS, Call)***